Deploying Dynamics CRM 2015 Solutions using xRM CI Framework

The last week we were struggling with deploying and most of all publishing a big solution in Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premise.

The environment was has been migrated from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 (of course with intermediate step on CRM 2013) and there are of course a lot customizations and extensions we need to change before satisfying the customer.

As already mentioned, we had problems with a bigger solutions, keeping most of the new entities and webresources. After the 5th or 6th attempt, we were able to perform the import of the solution, but for days we were facing an error when trying to publish the customizations.

After changing all related timeout values (i.e. the OLEDBTimeout) and values in the web.config, we were still seeing an error on the CRM website and also in the Event Log of the Deployment Server. Additionally we have checked the SQL Server performance, which was okay and also the server performance which was also performing very well.

To give you an overview about our environment, we are using a Front End Server, one Back End Server including the Deployment Roles, one SQL Server and a separate SQL Server. All of them equipped with enough CPU power, enough memory and with good connection. So nothing to be worried about here.

I earlier was looking for an opportunity to publish our solution packages using Windows PowerShell or at least the Command Line Tool, but I never had enough time to create something on my own. Yesterday when I was facing these SQL timeouts in the event log, I decided to give the xRM CI Framework a try.

After some configuration and reading the documentation, I was able to connect to our CRM environment. The good thing is, I was able to publish the customizations. After like a thousand times trying to publish it using the website.

This is just a short article, that the xRM CI Framework was helping a lot. I’m going to write more about it and how to use it in the next days. But first I will watch some football and have a beer. 😉

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