My first post – A short introduction

Hey everyone or ‘Moin Moin’ like we say in Northern Germany,

this is my first post in my first blog ever and I think that it’s bad manner not to introduce myself.

My name is Sebastian and I am working as an IT professional for a Microsoft Partner in Germany. Since 2011 I am working with Dynamics CRM, starting with version 4.0, but in the years i followed Microsoft’s product lifecycle to the current version 2015. I gathered experience with on-premises installation, but also with CRM Online in several projects.

Starting in a CRM support team, I quickly focussed on infrastructure related topics around Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Of course the main point was to support and enhance the CRM application itself, but with the time I was looking for a lot things about the technologies sourrounding Dynamics CRM, like Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange.

I was always a fan of reading other professionals blogs and find out more about Dynamics CRM, but still there were a lot of questions I was not able to find an answer for. There had been always a struggle about setting up an own blog, as there are already a lot of information sources. But today I was reading again the blog of Hosk and found a very nice post where explains the current lack of postings and why it is important to him. Nevertheless there was one part, that gave me the starting shot for an own blog and I hope he is right. 🙂

By the time I will post interesting things mainly about Dynamics CRM and present solutions for things things I was not able to solve by using Google or another CRM blog. And hopefully this will be helpful to other people working with Dynamics CRM.

4 thoughts on “My first post – A short introduction”

  1. Welcome to the world of CRM blogging.

    There will always be lots of questions you can’t find the answer for, particularly when using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Good luck starting your blog and who knows you might end up creating over 1000 blog posts like me 🙂 You have done the hardest part of your journey, which is taking the first step.

    Now you need to write some great posts everyone will want to read.

    1. Hey Hosk,

      thanks a lot for your warm welcome! I must confess, I’m just a bit embarressed that you directly answered my post. 😉

      Hope I can contribute a lot to the CRM community and yes maybe there are someday 1000+ blog post. 🙂

      Best Regards

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